GRP of Atyrau region in 2018 amounted to 4.9 trillion. KZT (share of GRP of the region in the gross product of Kazakhstan amounted 12.4%). Among the regions of Kazakhstan in terms of GRP Atyrau region is on the 1st place.

In the structure of GRP of Atyrau region the same volume is accounted for services and goods-2.6 trillion. tenge. While in GRP by the goods of the highest volume occurred in industrial production of 98.3% or 2.6 trillion. the share of agricultural products amounted to 1.7% or 44.6 billion tenge.

The territory of Atyrau region on natural and agricultural zoning refers to the V-desert region. Due to the direct influence of desert and low soil fertility, a small part of the vicinity of the pasture-watering regions of the Ural and Kigach rivers is used for growing crops. 

Plant growing
In 2018, crops of agricultural crops were placed on the area of 8 thousand hectares, including vegetables-2.5 thousand hectares, potatoes-2.0 thousand hectares, fodder-2.0 thousand hectares, melons – 1 thousand hectares, cereals – 350 hectares, corn forage – 600 hectares.

Gross harvest of vegetables amounted to 782.2 thousand quintals with an average yield of 294.0 quintals per hectare, melons-303 thousand quintals with a yield of 285.1 quintals per hectare, potatoes – 260.5 thousand quintals with a yield of 128.5 quintals per hectare, cereals – 4.4 thousand quintals with a yield of 29.4 quintals per hectare.

At the end of 2018 in the region there are 538 thousand heads of sheep and goats, 429.1 thousand heads of poultry, 153.8 thousand heads of cattle, 71.1 thousand heads of horses, 30.1 thousand heads of camels.

The volume of industrial production in 2018 amounted to 2.5 trillion. tenge, the index of physical volume of production is 112.2% compared to the level of 2017.

It should be noted that 91.2% of the industrial production of the region falls on the mining industry, which is more dominated by the production of crude oil. The share of manufacturing industry was 7.5%, electricity supply – 0.7% and water supply – 0.3%.

In the mining industry produced products worth 2.3 trillion. tenge. The index of physical volume of production was 113.1%.

46.9 million tons of oil or 104% of the corresponding period of 2017, 9.1 million cubic meters of associated gas (104.6%) were produced.

Tengizchevroil LLP produced 27.5 million tons of oil or 101.5% of the corresponding period last year, oil associated gas 15.1 billion cubic meters (101.3%).

JSC "Embamunaigas" produced 2.8 million tons of oil (100.3%), oil associated gas 191.1 million cubic meters (100.1%).

The company "NCOC" produced 1 million tons of oil and associated gas 487.1 million cubic meters.

In the manufacturing industry, the volume of industrial production amounted to 192 079.2 million tenge, IFO – 108.1%.

The volume of industrial production of oil refining amounted to 6.5 billion tenge, or 102.6% of the corresponding period last year.

LLP "ANPZ" for January-December 2018 processed oil in the amount of 4.8 million tons or 97.8% of the corresponding period last year. The decrease in oil refining is due to the shortage of oil by subsoil users in the amount of 105.5 thousand tons.

By the end of 2018, the mechanical engineering industry produced goods to the amount of 49.1 million tenge for the production of chemical products amounted to 14.7 million tenge, index of physical volume 214,3%.

In the steel industry produced goods to 101,7 thousand tenge. 

In the production of food products produced in the amount of 12.8 million tenge. In the production of non-metallic mineral products (ready-mixed concrete, facing slabs, bricks, cement products, paving slabs) produced products in the amount of 13.8 million tenge.

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