Roads and transport

The network of public roads of the Atyrau region is 3,051.6 km, of republican significance - 990 km, of local importance is 2061.6 km

Of these, local roads with hard surface - 1287.5 km, unpaved - 774.1 km, while there are 46 bridges and 267 water-spray structures on them.

Railway transport

In recent years, thanks to the joint activities of the leadership of the railway department, two additional high-speed trains - “Atyrau - Almaty” and “Atyrau-Astana” - were combined with the region.

Every day, 14 passenger trains run through the Atyrau station.

The total length of the railway passing through the region is 664.9 km.

Air Transport.

To date, on the basis of an agreement between
Atyrau International Airport JSC and Turkuaz Invest LLP are developing a feasibility study for the construction of a new passenger and cargo terminal in the city of Atyrau.

Water transport

The river port of Atyrau is located in the southern part of the city, on the left side of the Ural delta. The port can be reached by ship routes to Atyrau. In order to ensure the upper and lower movement of vehicles along the river, deepening works are carried out in the most remote places of the river (at the place where the river flows into the Caspian Sea).

The river port of the city of Atyrau is of strategic importance, as it is associated with the beginning of the stage of industrial development on the shelf of the Caspian Sea. This port has the opportunity by sea routes to go to Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Russia, as well as across the Volga River to the Sea of ​​Azov and the Black Sea.

  • In accordance with the Concept of development of the road sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Atyrau Region is located on the promising and fastest growing international road corridor No. 4 “Astrakhan border of the Russian Federation - Atyrau - Aktau - border of Turkmenistan”.
  • The corridor connects with the international transport corridor Astrakhan - Moscow - Helsinki. In the south direction passes through the port of Aktau and further to the border with Turkmenistan. This transport corridor provides links to the developing Caspian region with the port of Aktau, oil-producing areas and exits to Russia and Central Asia.
  • The favorable geographical position of the Atyrau region at the intersection of the main transport communications connecting the north-western regions of the republic with the Center and the northern regions of Kazakhstan, as well as the south of Russia with the states of Central Asia, create prerequisites for the formation of mass transit cargo flows.
  • An analysis of the existing potential of the regional transport complex shows that at present, its physical capabilities are not an obstacle to the development of mass transit cargo flows.
  • To develop and ensure favorable social and economic growth in the western region, including the Atyrau region, a logical need arises for the construction, reconstruction and overhaul of highways of republican and local significance, bringing their quality indicators to the requirements of international standards.
  • The main goal of the reconstruction of the Aktobe-Atyrau-Astrakhan border of the Russian Federation national road is to create and expand the road network, reduce travel time, improve the condition of vehicle traffic, increase capacity and increase vehicle speed, and ensure trade and economic relations between the West and East through the formation of convenient, reliable and affordable transit directions.

Department of Housing and Utilities

Power supply

Currently, the region is supplied with electricity at the expense of Atyrau Thermal Power Plant JSC and obtaining power from off-balance energy sources through the networks of Atyrau Zharyk JSC from Russia and through the networks of KEGOC JSC from Mangistau region.

Today, the Atyrau CHP with gas-turbine installations with a total capacity of 414 MW fully meets the needs of the Atyrau region with electricity.

Gas turbine power plants with a total capacity of 18 MW of JSC “ANPZ” provides electricity needs of Atyrauskogo NPP.

Gas turbine power plants with a total capacity of 478 MW GTS-144 and GTS-480 cover the needs of facilities of Tengizchevroil LLP (TCO).

Gas turbine power plants with a total capacity of 236 MW of NCOC provide for the needs of the Karabatan plant.

Electricity from MAEC-Kazotomprom LLP is supplied by networks JSC KEGOK. On the balance of JSC "KEGOK" power lines with a length of 1679.5 km and 5 substations with a voltage of 220 kW.

Transmission and distribution of electrical energy from the Atyrau CHP is carried out through electrical networks on the balance of the regional power grid company (REC) of Atyrau Zharyk JSC, which includes a complex of power lines with a length of 9475.9 km, 1714 units. transformer substation, 77 units. 0.4-110 kV substations.

There are also networks of KazakhstanTemirZholy JSC (ECh-4) with a length of 733 km of power lines, transformer substations of 90 pieces and 1 substation.

In addition, on the balance of akimats and districts there are utility electricity networks with a length of 1,499.24 km of power lines, 585 pcs. transformer and 1 substation.

In total, the region has 13,701.3 km of power transmission lines, 2389 transformer substations, 84 substations.

The development of renewable energy sources

The target of the renewable energy source indicator, planned for 2018, is a change from 24.8% to 4%.

In the Atyrau region in Isatai district in the village of Manash in 2016, construction of a wind power station of 52.8 MW was started.

It was planned to install 36 wind farms. At the moment, 24 stations have been built. With the completion of the construction of a renewable source of electricity, the indicator will be reached up to 4%. Completion of the construction of a wind farm is planned at the end of 2019.

Water supply

The source of water supply is the Ural River, Kigash and 12 underground sources.

In Atyrau region, the population is 627,202 people. 621 967 people or 99.1% have access to the centralized water supply system. Decentralized water provided (5235 people) or imported water 0.9%.

The total length of water supply networks is 3,850.6 km, which are in communal ownership.

Also in the region there are 69 water treatment facilities, including two in the city of Atyrau, one in Kulsary water treatment and one in areas 66 water treatment facilities.

Provision with individual water metering devices in cities is 100%. In villages, the coverage with individual water metering devices is 93%.

There are 35 operating organizations and enterprises in the region, of which 4 are basic water channels (GKP).

Gas supply

The existing network of gas pipelines of the Atyrau region currently allows providing 2 cities and 130 villages with natural gas from 166 settlements. The level of gasification of settlements is 79.5 percent. 34 settlements remain not gasified.

Natural gas with Tengizchevroil LLP is carried out by the networks of AF InterGazCentralAsia JSC from the main gas pipelines of republican significance Central Asia Center and Makat - the North Caucasus. Gas supply to the region is made by AF KazTransGazAimak JSC, AtyrauGazInvest LLP and ZhylyoyGaz LLP.

The gas distribution networks of the city of Atyrau are divided into two parts: the right bank and the left bank of the Ural River. Gas supply to the right-bank part of the city is carried out from the automated gas distribution station (AGRS) “Finskaya”, covers the right-bank part of the city of Atyrau, suburban settlements of the village of Almaly, Rakusha, Yerkinkala, Bereke, Rembaza, Jumusker.

Heat supply

In the region there are 5 sources of centralized heat supply and 634 autonomous heat supply.

The source of the centralized heat supply of the city of Atyrau is the Atyrau CHPP 14 boiler units with peak water-heating boilers with an installed capacity of 736 Gcal / h.

The centralized heat supply zone includes the right bank, the left bank and the Southeast industrial region.

There is a boiler house with a capacity of 13.23 Gcal / hour in the area of ​​the 1st section of Atyrau, which is on the balance sheet of Atyrau-SuArnasy.

Warmly to consumers of Atyrau is supplied through the networks of Atyrau Thermal Networks JSC. There are 426.7 km of heating networks, 44 heat points on the balance of Atyrau Thermal Networks JSC.

In total there are 520.0 km of heat networks, including 93.3 km of communal property and 426.7 km of private property.

  • Water supply and sanitation
    • Within the framework of the Program for the Development of Regions up to 2020, the implementation of projects for water supply and sanitation of settlements in the region;
    • achievement of the indicator of access of the population with quality drinking water up to 81%, water disposal up to 18%;
    • the implementation of investment projects for the construction and reconstruction of wastewater facilities, sewage systems and wastewater treatment facilities will increase the level of provision of the population with drainage services;
    • Introduction of modern efficient wastewater treatment technologies.
  • Heat supply
    • Reduction in the share of networks requiring capital repairs to 65%.
  • Gas supply
    • Achievement of the level of gasification of settlements 97%.

  • Water supply and sanitation
    • Implementation of the Program: development of regions until 2020, which allows to increase the provision of the population with drinking water;
    • development of new fresh groundwater deposits;
    • improving the technical condition of water supply systems, increasing the cost of water purification and water treatment;
    • introduction of modern efficient technologies;
    • improvement of service operation by equipping the material and technical base.
  • Heat supply
    • Government support measures in the framework of the Regional Development Program until 2020;
    • modernization of heat supply facilities, as a result of which the level of provision with high-quality heat supply services will be increased by 26.4%.
  • Gas supply
    • Gasification of settlements in the Azgir zone of the Kurmangazinsky district.

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