SEZ and IZ

The SEZ was created to:
  • development and implementation of breakthrough investment projects and the development of world-class petrochemical industries for the deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials and the production of competitive petrochemical products with high added value;
  • attracting investment in the construction and integrated development of petrochemical industries based on a public-private state;
  • construction of new interconnected, highly efficient and innovative petrochemical industries;
  • the creation of innovative, competitive national petrochemical products in accordance with standards (ISO);
  • development and implementation of research and technological innovation projects for the development and improvement of petrochemical plants and technologies for the purification and deep processing of hydrocarbons;
  • training and retraining of specialists for petrochemical industries in accordance with the standards.
The priority activities of the SEZ include:
  • construction and operation of the complexes, production and installation of world-class for the deep extraction of hydrocarbon raw materials, including the stages of developing business plans, feasibility studies, design and construction, installation and maintenance works and the cost of petrochemical products, including chemicals for the oil and gas industry;
  • modern modern high-tech infrastructure to support the activities of petrochemical plants;
  • development and implementation of marketing, research, scientific and technical projects and conducting feasibility, development work on the development and development of new innovative petrochemical plants and technologies;
  • training and retraining of technical specialists for the petrochemical industry according to standard standards.

Creation date: by Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 19, 2007, No. 495
The purpose of the creation of the SEZ "NINT": Development and implementation of breakthrough investment projects for the creation and development of world-class petrochemical plants for the deep processing of hydrocarbons and the production of a broad competitive petrochemical industry with high added value.
The term of functioning of the SEZ: December 19, 2007 - December 31, 2032.
The territory of the SEZ: 3475.9 ha.
Location: Republic of Kazakhstan Atyrau region. The following activities: chemistry, petrochemistry

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