Information about the region

Information about the region

Atyrau is the administrative center of Atyrau region. The city is better known to the general public as the" oil capital " of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was here that the first oil deposits were developed for the first time on the territory of modern Kazakhstan in the 17th century. Then, after the name of the founder, the city was named Guryev (until 1991)



118 631 sq. km.


Neighboring regions and countries:

  • in the west - Russia
  • in the north - WKO
  • in the east - Aktobe
  • in the south - Mangistauskaya


Climatic conditions

  • Sharply continental, extremely arid, with hot summers and moderately cold winters.


Geographical data

Atyrau region is a region within Kazakhstan. The administrative center is the city of Atyrau.
The region is located on the Caspian Lowland, to the north and east of the Caspian Sea between the lower reaches of the Volga in the northwest and the Ustyurt plateau in the southeast. The surface is flat, with small mountains in the north.
A significant part of the land is occupied by ridge and dune sands (Ryn, Taisoygan, Karakum), salt marshes and their variety with a hard crust smelling of hydrogen sulfide, called shor. There are also quite strange forms of relief, called Baer mounds, whose origin has not yet been solved. All together, they cover half of the territory of the region. In the north-east, an insignificant part is occupied by the spurs of the Pre-Ural Cretaceous plateau with altitudes of about 60 m.
The largest river is the Ural: with a total length of 2534 km within the region, the length of its extremely winding channel is 1084 km. The delta of the Urals begins almost within the city of Atyrau and stretches south for tens of kilometers. The mouth of the river has become so shallow that in the area of the exit to the Caspian Sea, the depth of the channel is less than a meter.

About the Region

Atyrau region is divided into 7 districts and 1 city of regional subordination:

  1. Zhylyoysky district — Kulsary
  2. Indersky district-Inderborsky
  3. Isatai district-Akkistau
  4. Kzylkoginsky district-Miyaly
  5. Kurmangazinsky district-Kurmangazy
  6. Makat district-Makat
  7. Makhambet district — Makhambet
  8. city of Atyrau
In total: 2 cities (Atyrau is a city of regional subordination, Kulsary is a city of district subordination), 15 settlements and 56 rural districts.


Population 688550

(as of September 1, 2022, people)


GRP 106,3

(January-June 2022 to January-June 2021,%)


Inflation 17,1

(September 2022, against September 2021, %)


Average monthly salary 420 415

(in the first quarter of 2021, tenge)


Unemployment rate 4,8

(in ІІ quarter of 2022,%)

*Excluding small businesses engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

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