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The implementation of 10 large investment projects is envisaged in the next five years

The implementation of 10 large investment projects is envisaged in the next five years

This was stated at a meeting of the parliamentary faction of the Nur Otan party in the Atyrau regional maslikhat, the Press Service of the akim of the region reports.

First, the Chairman of the regional branch of the party, the head of the region Makhambet Dosmukhambetov noted the importance of fulfilling the election program.

“The first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, party leader Nursultan Nazarbayev was instructed to develop and publicly consider the “Roadmap” for the implementation of the Nur Otan party’s election program until 2025 “Path of change: a decent life for everyone!”.

As you know, Yelbasy stressed that our main task at meetings with party factions in mazhilis is to fulfill election promises and justify the hopes of voters,” he said.

Also, the Chairman of the branch emphasized that the issues of monitoring the efficient and transparent spending of budgetary funds, social and political control over the implementation of the party's election programs and the Road Map are under the strict control of the party leader Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The First Deputy Chairman of the branch, Meirim Kalaui, having reported on the results of the implementation of the Roadmap in the first half of the year, presented the plans for the coming years.

“In order to increase the income of residents of the region, it is planned to implement 10 large investment projects on the scale of the region in the next five years. Among them - 4 projects in the field of industry and 2 projects in the agricultural sector. Along with this, in the housing and communal sector in the Atyrau region, it is planned to commission 3.5 million square meters of housing and provide housing for 7 thousand families,” M. Kalaui said.

Also, it was about improving the welfare of the population through the construction of 10 medical facilities, 11 schools, 56 kindergartens, 22 sports complexes.

In addition, it was announced plans to subsidize at least 1,000 projects under the Business Roadmap 2025 program, and to provide 300 microcredits under the Business Aimak regional program.

Meirim Kalaoui said that work will be intensified to strengthen the feedback of the heads of local executive bodies with voters.

“It is no secret that the party program of the new political cycle, launched this year, provides for the solution of the social, environmental and infrastructural problems that have been accumulating for decades. We must convey to the people the fact that all these works are being done in accordance with the requests of the residents,” he said.

During the meeting, the Chairman of the zonal public council for the development of education and science at the Atyrau regional branch of the Nur Otan party, deputy of the regional maslikhat Salamat Idrisov said that within the framework of the named Roadmap, some key problems in the field of education will find their solution.

“One of the most important areas covered by the re-election program is the provision of high-quality and affordable education. Therefore, on the direct instructions of the regional akim Makhambet Dosmukhambetov, a Roadmap for the development of education in the Atyrau region for 2021-2023 was prepared. In accordance with this document, the regional education department, together with the autonomous organization of education "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools", investigated the work of 50 schools in the region. Based on the results of comprehensive research, the problems of education in Atyrau schools have been identified. According to experts' forecasts, these issues will be resolved within the framework of the Roadmap,” he said.

At the meeting, the Chairman of the Presidium of the Republican Chamber of Private Bailiffs, deputy of the regional maslikhat Amangeldy Abdolov was elected as the head of the Nur Otan party's parliamentary faction in the Atyrau regional maslikhat, and Nurzhan Yermukhanov was his deputy.

Concluding the meeting, the Chairman of the branch, Akim of the region Makhambet Dosmukhambetov instructed the akim of the city of Atyrau, akims of the districts to take control of the implementation of the election program of the party. Along with this, he instructed to organize a quarterly hearing of reports of local executive bodies on the implementation of the Road Map, establish close ties with all social groups, and regularly hold meetings with the population.

For your information, to date, for the organization of system monitoring in the region, 9 road maps have been approved, in order to control the implementation of specific directions of the election program, 78 zonal and territorial public councils have been created.

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